CodeS & Policies

Summary of other Codes and Policies

Area Code/Policy Summary
Governance HLMG Self-Declaration Policy Specifies the requirements and procedures for the declaration of any conflict of interest by employees.
Governance HLMG Gift and Entertainment Policy Prohibits employees from giving and/or receiving gifts and entertainment (G&E), except permitted G&E, whether directly or indirectly.
Governance HLMG Donations Policy Details acceptable donations made to charities and non-profit organisations by an operating company.
Economic HLMG Risk Management Policy and Framework Specifies requirements and procedures to identify, evaluate, manage and report all major risks to ensure business continuity.
Economic ISO9001 Quality Policy Policy applies to HLYM, Guocera and Hume Cemboard Industries. It is supported by the Quality Manual, which provides guidance on proper documented procedures, specifications, risk identification and management, periodic management review, internal and external audit as well as improvements. Supporting procedures include assessment and due diligence checks on financial track records, director listing and anti-bribery and corruption of suppliers, vendors, contractors and agents prior to their engagement.
Environment HLYM Environmental Policy States commitment to conserve natural resources and prevent pollution. Policy is supported by the Environment Manual and SOPs for monitoring of emissions, wastewater, scheduled waste management and chemical management.
Environment HLYM Environmental Procedures For Suppliers and Contractors Details procedures for environmental controls and safety measures, including chemical handling, waste management and transportation.
Environment Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd Green Procurement Guidelines Provides procurement guidance for HLYM suppliers to promote environmental protection, including the control of Environmentally Hazardous Substances in products delivered to HLYM.
Environment Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Implemented by Guocera and Hume Cemboard Industries. States commitment to minimize impact to the environment and provide safe and healthy working conditions. Policy is supported by the ISO14001:2015 Management System Manual, which provides guidance on emissions monitoring procedures, wastewater monitoring and recycling, scheduled waste management and waste recycling procedures.
Social HLI Recruitment Policy Specifies hiring procedures, equal opportunity and no discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion, and disability in the recruitment of employees. Positions are awarded based on qualifications, experience and potential.
Social HLYM Occupational Safety and Health Policy States priorities to control risks and maintain a safe workplace for employees and other personnel. Policy is supported by SOPs on reducing injuries from noise and chemical handling, as well as emergency preparedness and response, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control (HIRARC), and COVID-19 case management.
Social Environmental, Health and Safety Policy Implemented by Guocera and HCB. States commitment to provide safe working conditions to minimize the risks of injuries and ill-health of workforce. Policy is supported by manuals on standards and other SOPs to reduce the risks of injuries, near misses, ill-health and property damage.