• We seek to consume resources ethically and responsibly. We strive to promote the 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) concept, with a focus on recycling resources and materials used in our manufacturing processes.
  • We aim to reduce the environmental impact of waste, effluence and emissions from our operations. We remain vigilant in key emissions and effluence monitoring under the ISO14001:2015 standard (Environment Management System).
  • We recognise standards and guidelines on the use of non-hazardous materials. We strive to use sustainable sources of materials in our products where possible.
  • We are focused on managing our waste responsibly. We adhere to prevailing laws and guidelines on proper disposal of waste.


  • We acknowledge climate change risk as a key element of our sustainability management. We strive to reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions from our manufacturing processes and products, in line with the Malaysian government’s target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
  • We seek to consume energy responsibly and efficiently.
  • We focus on energy saving initiatives and consider implementation of renewable energy sources.
  • We aim to leverage on product innovation to increase our sustainable product offerings.

Product Safety

  • We are focused on delivering safe and reliable products that meet international safety and quality standards.
  • We strive to adopt best practices throughout the product design/planning, production and supply stages.
  • We seek to eliminate or control the use of environmental hazardous substances (EHS) in our products based on laws, guidelines and standards.